How we’re helping you shop easier in uncertain times


With everything going on with COVID-19, it’s great to see the community band together and support one another so we can all get through this tough time. We especially feel for small businesses who are having to look at how to trade differently. It is something we are also assessing every day – how to best support our customers so you can shop easier.

We want to let everyone know we’re doing what we can to help serve you in this difficult situation. We realise people still need reliable cars to get around, as well as cars maintained and serviced so you’re able to get access to the essentials you need.

We are now offering free online car inspections.
We want you to be able to shop our cars without leaving the home. Our website has been updated recently, with more information on each car and easy-to-view car listings. You can see a car’s petrol efficiency, average kilometres, vehicle details, features and even calculate finance costs. Find the car you would like to know more about and give us a call (5332 2277) – we’ll connect with you via video chat on Facetime or Messenger and take you through your very own online inspection.

We’re now offering a drop-off/pick up service for your car’s servicing needs.
Our workshop for servicing remains open, and we are now offering to come pick up your car prior to your appointment, and drop it off once it’s done. This allows you to keep practicing social distancing, but also maintain your car’s regular service schedule. We’ll come down, pick up your car and be on our way. We’ll wipe down and sanitise the car before any work commences. On premises, we’re now making sure we always use gloves for each car we look after and we have strict practices around sanitising and wiping down vehicles to keep our staff and customers safe and healthy.

We have upped our hygiene practices all round.
Normally we would have the cars in our yard open to the public, but we have decided to lock all cars and request that customers who do come in store, come see us at the office to get the keys. This is to ensure we can sanitise and wipe down each car after every inspection, to make sure it’s in an appropriate condition to be looked at by the next customer. We’re also encouraging electronic payments, and can take card payments over the phone if need be.

If you have any further questions about the above, feel free to reach out to Alex on 5332 2277 and we’ll look after you. If you want to see our current range before you give us a call, head to our website here.

Stay safe and well Ballarat, we’ll get through this!

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