Advantages of Local Used Car Dealerships


Everyone reaches a stage where they need to upgrade their car based on their needs.

But should you buy from a private seller or through a registered car dealer?

At first glance, the sensible choice seems to be a private seller. There is no pressure to buy, you can look in your own time, meet the owner and understand how they have treated the car, and the price is generally cheaper. If you choose a car dealer, there can be pushy salespeople, the price of the car is generally more expensive and it also takes skill to navigate those tricky, expensive and unasked-for add-ons that are sometimes pushed onto you with offers that are hard to refuse.

The good news is that times are changing

There are more and more reputable dealers such as ourselves that can offer more than the “perceived norms” compared to your regular, run-of-the-mill car dealerships.

While you may occasionally see private sellers advertise cheap cars for sale, there is actually a bigger underlying issue that customers should be aware of. A global shortage of cars has made the purchase journey even more uncertain than ever before. The knock-on effects of vehicle production in the post-covid world mean options are limited and unfortunately, there are more ‘dodgy’ cars and backyard dealers than ever. Some people are fortunate enough to have a solid understanding of cars and can navigate their way to a good car, but even then, it’s easy to miss something critical and invest your money into someone else’s problems.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Ballarat Car Sales have been at the forefront of trying to change how the used car industry is run and perceived for many years. We offer a number of things to take the worry and uncertainty out of buying a used car and make it a hassle-free and fun experience – as it should be!

At Ballarat Car Sales, to ease your purchase journey, we offer:

  • Guaranteed clear title. If you buy a car that is surety to a finance company, you can claim your money back from the dealer, unfortunately, you have no recourse (right to compensation) on a private sale.
  • Understand the car write-off history. By law, a dealer must tell you if the car has been previously written off and give you a written notification. A private seller is under no obligation to tell you the history of the car.
  • A contract of sale with all verbal offerings listed in writing. There can be no mistake about what is offered or given as part of negotiations. For example, having the car serviced before pick up. A private seller is not obligated to do this, but we do.
  • All VicRoads costs are included. The hassle of going to VicRoads with all the necessary paperwork, getting a roadworthy certificate to prove ownership and making the necessary payments is all taken care of by us.
  • Warranties. Most reputable dealers will offer some type of warranty on the vehicle for sale. Some cars will also be covered by Statutory Warranty and you also have rights under Australian Consumer Law when purchasing from a dealer.
  • Buyers’ remorse. At Ballarat Car Sales, we also offer our “satisfaction money-back guarantee”. Sensible terms and conditions apply, but the idea is that no one feels pushed into making a purchase they might later regret.
  • Extended test drive. We also offer test drives overnight. While any car will feel nice on a trip around the block, a private seller will not want to give you too long in the car to spot any other reasons why they might be trying to sell it. We want you to be sure that the car is perfect for you and the only way to tell is by spending some time with it.
  • Finance and leasing. If you are looking to purchase a car with the help of finance or as a lease, most loan companies will prefer a purchase through a car dealership and are stricter on lending to you if you are purchasing privately.


While some of these things are law, this list highlights the many benefits of purchasing a vehicle from a Licenced Motor Car Dealer such as us.

If you think you are comfortable with the idea of a private purchase, think about the questions you will ask the seller before making a purchase. We urge you to consider getting the car checked by a licenced mechanic, as that’s something all dealers do. A pre-purchase inspection can be carried out for a relatively small amount and can save you thousands in repairs. It’s also helpful to work out the extra amount you need to pay to VicRoads. You can also carry out a PPSR check online to make sure that the car has not been in an accident or has finance owing on it. Lastly, we recommend checking that the person selling the car is the person that actually owns the car.

Remember, take time to weigh up your options as you search for your next vehicle.

Cars are like our homes on wheels – bigger purchases like these are meant to be enjoyed and help you create new experiences for you and your family. Consider all the costs associated with going to a private seller against that of a dealer. And take the time you need to find a dealer and car that’s right for you – and have fun with the process!

You can check out our current range here and get started on your new car journey today.

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