Why we love being part of the Ballarat Community!

Alex Bec Frank award winners

Ballarat Car Sales have had a big few years amongst our local Ballarat area and wider Victorian automotive community. We’ve been privileged to be a part of the VACC Awards and the Federation Business School Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards for the past two years running, which further drives our passion for running a customer-focused business. We pride ourselves on selling only cars that we would sell to our own family members – after all, your car is your home away from home on wheels!

Being a part of these awards makes us feel like we’re a true part of our wider community – so what have we won and why you may ask?

VACC Winner 2019 Best Used Car Dealer

2018 Winners – VACC Best Unsung Hero, Women in Small Business Award (Inaugural year)

The VACC Awards (Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce) recognises excellent businesses operating across the state, and have been doing so since 2016. These awards are recognised as the highest honour a Victorian automotive business can achieve, and in its first year, Bec received this award for her astounding work in and amongst the automotive industry. The award was sponsored by the VACC’s ‘Women in Automotive’ initiative, which exists to help support and elevate the profile of women in the automotive community.

2018 Finalists- Best Small Business Award & Best New and Emerging Business Award

In 2018, we were recognised as finalists in the Federation Business School Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards for these two categories. Commerce Ballarat is the largest independent business group in the Ballarat region, and we were happy to have the support from those who create a united voice on matters relevant to business amongst the wider community.

2019 Winners – VACC Unsung Hero Award

Last year, Bec was presented with the Unsung Hero award for the second year running, again recognising her achievements amongst the motor industry in relation to business planning, customer satisfaction and community involvement. Whilst just missing out on another Women in Automotive Award, Bec continues to be involved with the ‘Women in Automotive’ initiative, keeping up to date via workshops and seminars around finance, leadership and many other areas of development relevant to the industry.

2019 Winners – VACC Best Used Car Dealer (Small Business)

Our good work as a Victorian automotive business was recognised by the Best Used Car Dealer Award, which we were stoked to receive! Having been newly nominated for this category in 2019, we have seen the business grow over the last year, and thankfully, the recognition has come along with it too.

2019 Winners – MatchWorks Retail Business Award 

After being nominated as finalists in 2018, we were so happy to finally take home the grand prize! The Federation Business School Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards recognise the contributions of individual businesses to the greater Ballarat community, and encourage further business development as well. We were awarded the Retail Business Award for excelling in marketing, customer service, business planning, community involvement and our businesses environmental impact. One of our favourite community initiatives is our relationship with Colleen and the Fifteen Trees program – we plant a tree locally for every car we sell or service!


It’s a fair list – and whilst these awards and recognition are great, what we really love is the continued support from our local community, and helping get our customers into the right car that suits them. We couldn’t have done all of the above without you, so thank you to everyone!

We believe buying a car should be an exciting experience, and we want to help each and every one of our customers connect with the perfect vehicle. At Ballarat Car Sales, we’re changing the perceptions you may have around used car dealerships – we only sell cars good enough for our family. Come on in and check out our range today and meet the rest of our team – we’re an easy-going bunch who just want to help you find a car that’s right for you!

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