Working towards a Forest for Future Generations

Planting trees community service

Ballarat Car Sales are proud to be collaborating with Fifteen Trees! Together we are taking environmental action to help make a positive difference in our surrounding community. This collaboration makes us part of a forward-thinking group of businesses, who are all offsetting their carbon footprints in unique ways – we’re doing it by planting a tree for each and every car sold and serviced, on behalf of our customers.

The Fifteen Trees story began in 2009 with Colleen Filippa, who was looking for a proactive and positive way to help the environment. Her business engages local landcare groups, schools, scout groups and communities to help the with their planting efforts. The trees are supplied via nurseries from the supporting region and are paid for by supporting local businesses like ours.

Our first project got Alfredton Primary School involved, and the Grade 6 students helped plant 180 trees around the Kensington Wetlands (we even received a hand-written thank you note!). Following this, we had 30 trees planted in Garibaldi by the local landcare team. Our most recent support included 300 trees planted in the Narmbool region by a local scout group and a number of families. It has been great to work towards a forest for our future generations!

This initiative is a great undertaking, especially for the school and community groups that are involved. From a young age, there’s the ability to learn about carbon footprints – how much greenhouse gases a person produces – and how their individual actions relate to the environment. By engaging businesses and organisations to support this program, participants can see how companies can also work towards minimising their eco footprint. Planting for a purpose means we can all make a conscious choice to change something!

This is our support in action, and we’re so happy that Colleen and the team have created a business model that helps build trust amongst our local community whilst also thinking of the future generations. We’ve planted over 500 trees to date and we can’t wait to see where our upcoming batch of trees will be planted next. A huge thanks to everyone involved! If you’d like to know more, chat to us in-store today or head to our website at https://ballaratcarsales.com.au/about-us/.

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4 thoughts on “Working towards a Forest for Future Generations

  1. I send all of my clients and friends from Melbourne to Ballarat car sales. Best price. Service and quality. Great to see them giving back to the environment. Well done.

  2. Colleen Filippa says:

    It is a pleasure to be planting trees on the behalf of Ballarat Car Sales. Maybe we can entice you to come join us next time? Colleen (15 trees)

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